House Demolition

House Demolition

Okanagan Demolition specializes in the removal of old homes, commercial buildings, and any other standing structures you may need demolished. We are a reputable, industry known demolition contractor with professional certifications, and experience required to remove any building you may need taken down with no surprises to your invoice. We will take you through each step from, the first inspections to the last bucket. We even offer foundation excavation and building the foundation of your building we can be there building the base of your project. With our top of line equipment no demolition is to big for us, with the successful projects to prove it.


Kelowna landfill has changed its rates starting January 1st 2018 which has affected the price of house demolition.

Kelowna landfill has recently changed certain material separation requirements which will effect the price of house demolition.

Make sure you don’t have any surprises at the end of your house demolition and ask about the regional districts requirements on the removal of house debris.


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